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Disco Beats and Brighton Beach Clean Up

A simple disco beat brings about beach drive clean up in Brighton. It’s a sight to behold to see both young and old, male and female, picking up litter along with a silent disco beat.

The residents of Brighton and some eco-enthusiasts choose to pick up litter to the beat of a disco song, making the clean up a fun-filled event. The participants came gear up for the event. They have donned their headphones, swaying to the beat and picking up litter. They also brought with them sacks and garbage plastic to put the gathered rubbish.

The event which was organized by Pier 2 Pier, a local group, said they are alarmed to the rising tide of rubbish left along the shoreline. They intend to incorporate fun to cleaning thus the disco beat on the beach. They said that since they started the event, thousands have already come to participate, “I just really want to show the people in brighton and around the country and around the world, that beach cleaning and taking action for your environment can be really fun and that’s why I introduced the silent disco beach clean, which since we launched, thousands of people have got involved. And it’s been an incredible response.”

Another one from the organizer said that, “It can be upsetting when you are out here and you see the rubbish and everything, and so it makes it a bit more of a fun event for kids to enjoy themselves and to get a bit of fresh air with their families as well as come down to the beach and enjoy it for what it really is rather than thinking that it’s a mess.”

Greenpeace, an environmental organization, stated that a truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute.

The participants to the clean up have music blasting from their headphones music during the 1990s and 2000s which made the event fun and enjoyable.

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