Brighton clean up after storm
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Brighton Clean-up after the storm

A storm has battered the city and left it disheveled. Benches were strewn across the Tarmac and were lying on the beach. Recycling bins were thrown and were detached from ts fixings. The proud Brighton Palace pier shook while the storm was rummaging the city.

The level of damage caused by the storm to the cities of Brighton and Hove has been reported by the city council.

Listed in the damage on the city caused by the storm which happened on Saturday are 25 new recycling bins which have been detached from their fixings. Loads of pebbles were splashed on top of the promenade. Three of the huts along the beach were destroyed and both the promenade and benches were blown away.

The spokesman of the city council added that the pier had to close immediately when the staff informed the management that Palace Pier’s structure was shaking and the water was seeping through the wood boards.

Pier wanted to secure its workers’ safety first because there might be slips and falls due to the storm water coming in through those boards.

The Palace Pier, despite what happened, are still happy and proud with what the structure had to endure and withstand. Their spokesman gave the credit to the Victorian construction and the maintenance that it regularly go through.

Seafront Operations Manager, Chris Ingall reported that there was no major incident for among his team despite the strong typhoon that hit the area.

He even added, ‘The wind strength was really extreme, the strongest we have witnessed for many years. Coupled with the exceptionally large waves, the seafront took a battering.”

He was also quoted saying, “The fact that we had no major incidents, has a lot to do with the team being out and about on the quad bikes engaging with the public to prevent anyone getting too close to the seafront.”

The team who was in charge of the Seafront took precautionary measures to avoid any risk for the beach-goers by patrolling and giving warnings to the people in order for them not to go to the really near the shoreline. They also cordoned off some dangerous areas and picked up items that might be harmful like bins which have been upturned during the heavy rain and wind.

There was a plan of a large-scale clean up to help bring the city back to its normal condition, the soonest possible time.

A city council spokesman of Brighton and Hove City said on Monday, “Our Cityclean, Highways and Seafront teams are making sure the city gets back to normal after Saturday’s violent storms – the worst we’ve seen in years. The tidy up has already started after the seafront was battered by howling winds, relentless rain and huge 20 feet waves.”

“A team will begin working on the worst affected area from the King Alfred Leisure Centre to Hove Lawns, and we’re asking for everyone’s patience.”

“Despite relentless rain, most seafront escaped serious flooding,” he said, then added, “ business in and around the Palace Pier are believed to have suffered damage”

So much has been done to restore the City to make it looking peaceful and happy again. The storm update made by the city council was reassuring and comforting to the people of Brighton, who have also helped to clean up.

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