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Brighton seafront cleaned after Travellers Evicted

Fifty caravans full of travellers and their family left the picturesque promenade after three days of camping and sun bathing. They packed up and left the seaside resort of Hove after a stand 0ff with the council officers.

Right after their caravans left the site, the clean-up operation started. The tranquil seafront close to Brighton’s pier is a protected site and when the travellers left the site after the eviction notice was served and they went away in dribs and drab, everyone helped to restore it to its pristine condition.

A broken bicycle, a discarded pair of underwear and beer caps in dozens are among the garbage that were left behind by these travellers which were litter-picked from the pristine lawn today. The team of council workers, who helped clean the area, immediately went to work as soon as the cravand vacated the site.

The sight of these travellers leaving the seafront came as a relief to the owners of the business along that area and to the residents as well. The disappointment that they felt when the authorities were not able to send these people away during their first night of camp out have been wiped and changed with relief.

Police were able to officially serve the enforcement order Monday but these travellers still decided to stay until morning, swimming in the sea and sunning themselves.

The usually peaceful scene in seafront got a little crowded when worried residents appealed to the police officers and try and get answers but no answers were given. These residents also tried to talk some sense to the travellers how that particular site is protected by law. Public Spaces Protection Order prohibits anyone to camp at the site longer than 12 hours.

A joint statement from the City Council of Brighton and Hove and Sussex Police before the eviction said, “ The council and the police have been working together to take action following a group of approximately 50 vehicles trespassing on Hove lawns at the weekend.”

“The police are now moving the travellers and vehicles using powers under S61 of the police and Criminal Justice Act.”

“Vehicle owners were spoken to by representatives from the police and the council on Sunday morning, soon after the group arrived.”

“The council informed the owners they were trespassing on council land and asked for the vehicles to move.”

'Today the police and council have visited again to carry out welfare checks on the occupants of the vehicles, as is required by Home Office guidance before enforcement action can be taken. “

'Those checks have been completed. The police will use their powers to move the vehicles from Hove Lawns today.

'We understand there are concerns in the local community but there is a process which has to be followed by law.'

The travellers, moved out after being handed the notice. Despite the delay, the residents were happy to see them finally go. The site has been cleaned and the panoramic view is back to normal as well as the businesses along the seafront.

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