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Storm Update

After the storm on Monday cleared up, the City Engineer’s office have something to be happy about. The Lakewalk reconstruction withstood the storm.

There were sections of the Lakewalk that have undergone renovation three times after several storms in October of 2017, October of 2018 and just this April 2019. These sections did not suffer any damage during the recent storm.

The retaining wall and the stones that have been placed strategically to support the structure breaks the waves to prevent the wash out, according to Mike LeBeau, the construction project supervisor.

He said, “I was down there last night watching the waves break over (the wall), and it was pretty satisfying to see how it worked.”

The citizens were relieved to find out that the damage left by the storm was less than the previous ones. The past few have left the city with more damages and more clutter to clean up.

"We certainly know already that this is very different than the storm in April and last October," Kate Van Daele, Duluth Public Information Officer announced. "So just initially, we know that the amounts won't be what we reported then,'' she added.

The beach at Brighton will remain closed to the public, until it has been cleaned up and is safe from the beachgoers. The photographers are are not allowed to the beach as well. The loop at the end of Canal Park Drive is also closed to the public. Brighton needs to be cleaned up after this storm before beaches open again for beachgoers.

Other streets have been opened and found safe for the people except for some debris that are yet to be cleaned up and the people are warned about it.

Trees or limbs that have fallen on the public’s right of way needs to be reported to the city crews who will come to remove them. If those trees, however fell down on public property then the property’s owner should take responsibility to clear it up.

No injury reports have been called due to the recent storm according to Shawn Krisaj, the Fire Department Chief.

Thirty three power outages have been reported as of 1pm on Tuesday and the Minnesota Power have worked on it non stop. Reminders came from leaders saying that the public should refrain from touching fallen wires nor cut branches around the electrical wires.

Everyone’s effort was appreciated especially the neighbors who helped others with the clean up after the storm and the city crews who dealt with lifting heavy trees that have fallen down as well as clearing up other debris.

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