Deliveroo Launches Beach Clean up Campaign with UK Beach delivery service
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Deliveroo Launches Beach Clean up Campaign with UK Beach delivery service

Deliveroo are launching a new joint-campaign alongside their recently unveiled beach-delivery service, a new service which brings their popular on-demand food delivery service to beaches all across the UK. Alongside this new service they are also introducing another new service which they have named the Beach More Amazing Scheme.

The scheme entails sending members of the Deliveroo team down to the shores of UK beaches every weekend in June in order to run a clean-up initiative. They'll be offering beach visitors credit which can be exchanged for Deliveroo services in return for bringing the team buckets of rubbish which can then be collected and handed it, and finally passed on to where it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The scheme began on Brighton beach on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of June, and continued across the UK through Bournemouth, Southend, Edinburgh and Torquay as the month continued.

The project was launched in association with members of Keep Britain Tidy, who commented on how the summer weather was a great opportunity as it makes people want to come outdoors.

Locally operating cleaning company Smartclean has commented on the usefulness of getting known brands to bring a fresh view to community issues, stating that the extra input from companies such as Deliveroo not only brings extra business to their company, but also gives a good incentive for people who use their services regularly to get involved in community clean ups and give back to their community.

The cost of cleaning without these extra inputs is likely to be around one billion pounds a year, so it is essential that schemes like this are put in place if we are to make a cost effective impact on the environment.

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