Graffitti clean up costs council and taxpayer
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Graffitti clean up costs council and taxpayer

Brighton Council have been spending an estimated 200 pounds a day over the last nine years attempting to clean Brighton and Hove up of Graffitti tags and scrawls around the city. However, the overwhelming amount of Graffitti present in the city has meant that the council have been fighting an uphill battle for all the time they have been running campaigns to clean it up.

The total figure required for the cleaning costs would be enough to restore six of the famous Madeira Terrace arches, which have been estimated at around a hundred thousand pounds each by experts.

The core issue is not the Graffiti itself, but the culture surrounding tagging which has swept over Brighton like a storm. Many of the Graffiti and scrawls of of the same name or tag, and one of the most outstanding and infamous ones is a tag which looks similar to a clenched fist.

Many of the major landmarks around Brighton and Hove have been targeted, but the actual taggers themselves have still not been identified or caught. One tag which seems to read "Pluto" has been seen often and is often seen around signs of on the sides of building in purple spray paint.

As a counter measure to the increasing graffiti, the council have teamed up with the community in order to paint Graffiti-style "Murals" along hotspots and buildings which are often targeted by taggers.

Locally operating cleaning company Smartclean has pitched in saying that the beauty and cultural significance of these murals will likely deter would be taggers from placing their tags on top of someone elses work.

All in all, painting murals over popular graffiti hotspots in a clever way to both tackle the problem, and add something to Brighton and Hove's already vibrant community spirit.

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