Petition over rubbish and recycling in Brighton and Hove
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Petition over rubbish and recycling in Brighton and Hove

Hundreds of people have gathered to sign a petition on the subject of refuse, rubbish and recycling collections in Brighton and Hove. The petition was triggered by the recent onset of missed rubbish collections which have been growing over time.

The petition signatures have peaked at just under six hundred names by the 19th of June, and was set up by Arron Rickson, from Patcham, who published it to the Brighton and Hove City Council Website. Mr Rickson was inspired to start the petition when he noticed regular problems with missed refuse and recycling collection, causing the bins to be overwhelmed with maggots.

He also states that Patcham isn’t even the worst area for this kind of neglectful service, stating that the state of Hollingbury is horrendous.

The source of the problem was allegedly due to an unbroadcasted change of date in scheduling times, which then compounded into further problems of miscommunication, meaning that a couple of concurrent weeks of rubbish collecting were subsequently missed.

Locally operating cleaning company Smartclean have added a statement stressing about the importance of good communication between client and customer, or in this case the council and its community. Good communication means a good days work, it’s as simple as that.

This problem was the top among a few complaints that were made about the councils ability to clean effectively, with rubbish and litter still lining the streets, pavements and roads. The council have stated that they have been putting new measures in place to support the refuse and recycling collection services, and that the planned changed should alleviate the problems which have been had.

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