Portslade vandals cause havoc
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Vandals In Portslade School cause Havoc

Community has helped Portslade school after the vandalism incident.

Local businesses and the community from the school have helped to repair the damages that have been done. Play equipment and structure has been vandalized during the weekend.

There was havoc In St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School located on Locks Hill after vandals smashed windows of the play bus of the school, toys have been torn and damaged beyond repair and upholstery ripped.

Andy Richbell, the headmaster told the parents and the school community that, ““Every window was smashed. Most of the seats have been punctured or slashed. All of the books, comics, games, Lego, art materials, toy cars, toy soldiers, bean bags, tables and cushions have had to be thrown out because they were either damaged beyond repair or had fragments of glass in them.”

“I really don’t understand why anyone would want to do this,” he added.

After the vandalism, which must have happened at around 2.45 in the afternoon of Saturday, everyone including the businessmen, parents and the school, have shown support by helping out cleaning the trashed materials. Some have offered financial assistance to the school, while others have donated toys.

So many help have arrived including bus owners from Brighton and Hove who offered to repair the windows. The city council has fenced the school to give the school added security.

“Since the news broke on Monday the response of kindness and generosity from our families, friends of the school and strangers has been overwhelming. So many e-mails, tweets, telephone calls and Facebook posts (whatever they are), offers of donations of money or practical support from so many people! It has been very touching,” the headmaster said.

“When I first saw the state of the bus I wondered whether it was going to be repairable at all.

“With the enormous support of so many people I wouldn’t be that surprised if it was open again (better than before) by half term!” Mr Richbell happily stated.

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